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1. Replace

replace is useful for replacing text that we want to change into other text. Writing format
[replace=(object)] word to replace || substitute word [/replace]
For example, if we want to change the word from the object I like him to I love him then the code is as follows
[replace=(I like him)]like||love[/replace]
The second example is if we want to change the word from the object but more than one word I like him becomes I love you then the code is as follows
[replace=(I like him)]like[]him||love[]you[/replace]
Use[]as separator
Objects can also use CODEIO for example :to-id: etc.

2. If Else or condition

Serves to set which text is approved or excluded.

Writing format

(if variable1=value) displays content (/if)
For example, if we want to display "I'm happy" but if can happy=happy then the code is as follows
(if happy=happy) I'm happy (/if)
  1. Apart from can=can then the word will not appear, for example can=very, variable1 must=(same as) variable2. You can condition variables with various code tags such as database tags, fm, math and so on.
  2. In addition to the = symbol (same as), the > (bigger) < (smaller), for symbols only applies to number variables.
Example: (if 10<4) wow true (/if).
= same as
~ is not the same as
> has a greater value

3. Math or calculations

Math is useful for counting and adding up a value.
Writing format
For example if we want to add 10 + 20 then the code is as follows
[math]10+20[/math]then the result is 30
Example 2 if we add up 10+20/5 then the result is 14, so for a different result, we have to group it with a sign () eg (10 + 20 ) / 5 then the result is 6.
+ Addition
- reduction
* Multiplication
/ Division
() Differentiator

4. Random or random

Random is used to scramble the text that we have determined from several randomized texts so that it displays one random text.
Writing format
  1. [rand-open]is the opening code
  2. [/rand-close]is the closing code
  3. [r]is the separator code between text from one another
The code above will display the results of one of the animal names randomly