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The use of paging is very important in creating a site. What if we have a lot of content on one page and we want to limit it page per page then it is really needed
The page writing format is
[pg] set || content [/pg]
Parameter Set
  1. target if there is more than one codeio fm or db we can set the target position which will be in the paging setting, for example if your location has 2 codeio db codes on the page if you want to make paging for Codeio second then use the code target=2
  2. no=none when the page does not exist
Content parameters
  1. %prev% Previous page
  2. %prev=word% Previous page but word can be replaced
  3. %next% Next page
  4. %next=word% Next page but words can be replaced
  5. %last% Number of pages in the form of a link
  6. %nlast% Number of pages in text / number
  7. %n% paging number
example1: [pg] target=1, no=only one page ||%prev%%next%[/pg]