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Bbcode is used for writing databases, here is a list of bbcode:

  1. [br] newline
  2. [b] text [/b] bold font
  3. [u] text [/u] underscore font
  4. [i] text [/i] italic fonts
  5. [m] text [/m] scroll font
  6. [p=center] text [/p] middle location, center can be changed to left, right, justify
  7. [a=url] text [/a] url link example: [a=http://example.com] example [/a]
  8. [div=clasnya] text [/div] div class example: [div=menu] my name is dio [/div]
  9. [img=url] text [/img] displays an image and this code will detect the image as a post thumbnail for example: [img=http://example.com/tes.jpg] test [/img]
  10. [img=url style=css content] alt [/img] Example: [img=http://example.com/tes.jpg style=width: 100px;] test [/img]
  11. [code] text/code [/code] For writing code in the form of a textarea