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:cut(string,first,last): Cutting example words :cut(success,0,4): output becomes succ
:strip(string): Changing spaces to strips example :strip(let's work): produces output let's-work
:usite: Displays the site url
:last_site: Show last visited url
:get-string: Is a tag displaying get for example url http://domain/page-view.xhtml?get-id=test will output test ,:get-id: can be replaced with :get-database: or :get-page: etc.
:get-string(no string): It is a tag that displays get if it is empty it will display does not exist
:to-string: Is a tag displaying the url get to-id for example url http://domain/page-view.xhtml?to-id=test will display tests , :to-id: can be replaced with :to-database: or :to-page: etc.
:to-string(no string): Is a tag to display the url get to-id if empty it will display no
:stat-counter: Displaying site statistics
:hash=(string): Convert String to Morse code
:on-all: Shows the total number of all online
:on-user: Shows the number of online users
:on-guest: Shows the number of guests online
:my_name: Shows my username when logged in
:phone: Displays the device used
:browser: Displays the browser used
:login: Displays the login form
:site-reg: Url register
:site-login: Login url
:site_url: Displays the site url
:page_url: Display page url
[title]text[/title] Title of example page: [title] Sharing place [/title]
::date: Displays the current time
::date=:: Displays the current time with a time format that can be set
:img-id file: Displaying the image
:include=idsite: to display the contents of the target site id for example :include=1: